About Us

Pondesk is an online store which specialises in a variety of hardware and networking products which is catered to our customers specific needs. Our main objective is to provide our customers with the best products that will suit their purpose. Our products range from mini PCs, fanless PCs, low consumption power PC and our in-house brand PICO PC.

We also provide networking device such as  firewall routers, Next-generation firewalls, Small business firewalls, Rackmount and mini servers. We aim to provide our customers with the best products at a competitive wholesale price. We are adamant about providing our customers with the best deals that will suit their hardware expectations and our hardware products can be customized for our clients needs.  We also, provide any hardware solutions for our customer facing any unlikely problems or  troubleshooting issues with their hardware devices .

We offer shipping on all our products to various international locations and also, extended warranties on all our product to provide our customers when needed.

We are also able to offer any SME business, financial and educational institutions with network security solutions to protect systems from unwanted attacks, malfunction and cyber crimes

For all sales and enquiries please contact us through our website at www.pondesk.com and we’ll be able to  support you any capacity and provide you with ideal products that will suit  your business needs





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