Power efficiency does count!

The key brilliance of Intel designing various processors for dynamic ranges from networking, firewalls, mini PC etc. The combination of developing technological innovation that would revolutionise internet of things (IoT), but also demonstrating technology that can sustain at low power and have high-performance processors which is a true demand for networking and firewall technologies. The true value is to develop a cost effective processor which has an ULV (ultra-low voltages).  The Intel Celeron 3215U is at TDP of 15 W (10 W cTDP Down which can benefit their customer for networking and firewall purpose.  The Intel Celeron 3215U processing capabilities can be found in our product PICO PC® 3215U 3G 4 LAN.



The ULV (ultra-low voltage) processor was first launched on the market in Mid 2015 with based on the on the Broadwell architecture, the Intel Celeron 3215U is a dual core at 1.7 GHz), the processor has also integrated within a HD Graphics GPU and a dual-channel DDR3(L)-1600 memory controller.  The Intel Celeron 3215U has a lot to offer then it’s predecessor with the CPU/GPU clock 200 Mhz more than previous models. This shows the value of PICO PC® 3215U 3G 4 LAN within the firewall and networking capacity.

The Intel Celeron 3215U has also the latest technology with a 14-nm manufacturing process with three-dimensional FinFET transistors this beneficial overall in terms of being energy efficient and allowing the ability of the PICO PC® 3215U 3G 4 LAN to be compact in size.


The PICO PC® 3215U 3G 4 LAN. has integrated HD graphics has been beneficial overall in part to the Intel Celeron Broadwell architecture.  The Integrated HD graphics has 12 Execution Units Clocked at 300 to 850MHz like the CPU core and the support of DirectX 11.2 and HDMI 1.4a makes it a true competitor.


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