The benefit of the 1U rackmount server

As identifying the purpose for purchasing a new server a few aspects should be considered when looking for an upgrade. A rackmount server should be considered as this serves a purpose as an alternative to bulky servers with flexible and scalable features a rackmount server meets today’s high demand for on-premise and virtualized storage servers. The two main considerations when sourcing a server does this aligns itself with IT configurations and business requirements. The rackmount server platform has a better impression for many reasons to alternatives.


When sourcing a rackmount, the other main consideration is to determine the capabilities to serve the purpose that it is required. This draws to the conclusion on our selection and our choices having that we already provide our clients with next generation servers and would like to offer a helping hand.


An essential part of a rackmount server is making sure they are power efficient ULV (ultra-low voltage) technology like our 1U rackmount server which has a Core i3-4005U processor. The ultra-low voltage Core i3-4005U it is based on the Haswell architecture and manufactured which is the successor to the Ivy Bridge architecture which improves GPU and CPU performance.


The 1U rackmount server processor also supports different capabilities such as Fanless, Ultra-compact and rugged computing for controlling, operating automation of industrial processes and monitoring systems and machines in the most challenging manufacturing and process environments.


The 1U rackmount server is rated at a TDP of 15 W which is based on ULV technology and  the Core i3-4005U processor has dual core and can handle up to four threads in parallel, leading to better utilization of the CPU. The benefit is the 1U rackmount server is the robustness and the ability to use in an industrial environment. The Core i3-4005U offers a base speed of 1.7 GHz and when using new instructions such as AVX2 the performance can be significantly better.  The 1U rackmount server is integrated HD Graphics 4400 offers 20 Execution Units (EUs) clocked at 200 – 950 MHz (with Turbo Boost)

The benefit of the 1U rackmount server when considering as an option is the ability to have Iot technology as an option and be able to upgrade creating a customised server.


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