IoT devices detract from real potential issues

mobile-phone-426559_1920The many IoT devices detract from IoT’S real potential the devices that create dynamic change within technologies fabric. I believe all is relevant and the end goal is to create access points with various capabilities to intelligence.
The issues in regards to security create vulnerability amongst users with theft and data protection issue being accessible by third parties. This is a real problem amongst IoT manufactures with so many developing tools why is this still a problem in 2018?

The most practical or fun device might serve the purpose of being able to be implemented internet of Things (IoT). The main issue is whether they serve as non-threatening, secure and deliverable items. The ability to create a device that is safe for use is necessary without having any flaws which can latch onto to your information with perpetrators gaining access to users data. There are limited patches toward these knew found devices to reduce intrusion.

The endless IoT devices with the trivial purpose of use can seem very threatening smart toothbrushes and smart hairbrushes and smart refrigerators — and internet-connected toilets can serve as all threats if they not secured.
The ability to fix these real problems and secure these devices are important or else the issues will become worse when these household named IoT ephemera are devalued due to these security issues.

There is nothing wrong with basic IoT implementation with any device but security factor needs to be analysed or issues will escalate into creating serious problems with consumers and users which leads me to the conclusion a firewall is the safest option far whether used in a commercial, non-commercial or industrial space.

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