Embracing new change within IoT


Embracing new change within IoT has been hard for different sectors. The issues within these sectors to adapt to the new technology and implement the IoT technology practices within their organisation. The change within the industrial sector has been incremental and some have found it a struggle to adapt even with the upside and the benefits of IoT providing access points to devices and making communication easier to gain connection. The issues range from many factors with costs being at the forefront. The others being an implementation of the current landscape and having IoT device fit within the network frame of the working environment.


Sectors embracing IoT has been overall positive, regarding the resistant’s trying new things, especially where technology is concerned. Some industries take their time to assess change regarding technology innovation. Within the IoT realm, more sectors have been open to changes and this has been a great thing in adopting IoT devices that serve the purpose. The sectors that have been critical to implementing IoT technology have been criticised especially within the business where competition is everything and the rapid growth of IoT within the retail sector, banking sector, industrial sector and even education sector has made incremental changes for progression. Some governments are criticised for not adopting IoT technology and creating advancement within different government departments and institutions this can be an issue over the lack of advancements and denying these advancements might cause huge implications within the future. The main conclusion for IoT is an investment now is an investment in your sectors future.

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