The UK government has reviewed outline measures to develop a new code of practice for the improvement to for IoT Devices



The UK government has recently called for better security measures for IoT devices. These compliance measures will help millions of “internet of things” device. This new regulation will urge manufacturers and vendors to implement security within their devices

The department of digital, culture, media & sport (DCMS) is advocating a 13-point code of practice in its Secure by Design review, to encourage IoT manufacturers and vendors to embed security in their design infrastructure rather than not considering the ramifications of not having security.

The only issue is the report’s guidelines are not compulsory yet. However, the government aims to work with the tech industry to make sure that security will be embedded within IoT devices.


“We want everyone to benefit from the huge potential of internet-connected devices and it is important they are safe and have a positive impact on people’s lives. We have worked alongside the industry to develop a tough new set of rules so strong security measures are built into everyday technology from the moment it is developed.” -Margot James (Minister for digital)

The government has an estimated about 10 IoT devices are connected to UK households and this number will increase to 15 by 2020, which some devices might be undermining their user’s data protection which could be a breach.

The issues for many of the IoT devices that have been created whether smart wearables, webcams and even children’s toys may be at risk of being hacked without sufficient security measures.

To prevent these incidents many of the users may need a firewall for both non-commercial and commercial use.

As a part of the review, the government identified the tech industries challenges and incentives to implement cybersecurity with IoT.  The evidence had made it prevalent that vendors focused on the quick product cycle without looking at the security issues.

The DDos has made both vendors and government look at the serious issues of unsecured IoT devices.

The government has said it will consider making the changes compulsory through law after reviewing IoT vendors’ progress within the next coming years

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