Our Firewalls to serve and protect.


The issues with cybersecurity items have always been a major factor these create key issues within a network. The main ways to settle these problems are to enhance security mainly large networks are covered but smaller networks also need help with covering networks security. Therefore, smaller boxes such as our Pondesk MNHO-043, MNHO-048, MNHO-073 protect as firewalls under the growing and are important to small networks in SME, Institutions, charities and schools.


The need to secure the network is very important to protect vulnerable data that may be on different devices. As the number of devices that we don’t have control over continues to grow, so do the risk. There has been an increase in different botnets especially in the internet of things devices which are volatile.


The many devices within an average organization have grown over the last few years. The growth of mobile devices must lead to more issues that create data vulnerability that is the reason to have protection through a firewall. The scariest breaches are vulnerable endpoints that can allow attackers to gain access without your knowledge. If you do not know how to protect all your devices on your network or manage them to ensure they’re properly patched, you will run into some issues and the importance of a firewall may be needed. A firewall does a good job of protecting a perimeter and monitoring network traffic at certain specific points.

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