Internet of Things: Opportunities & Challenges

Internet of things (IOT) is a network of interconnected devices without any human interactions. These could involve our homes or airports or railway stations or shopping malls or businesses. Devices will have a unique IP address and will have the capability to transfer the data over the above network examples. An example can be a Smart Refrigerator which informs us about the expired products based on expiry dates i.e. Milk, juices etc.

Today governments are forcing all energy suppliers to install smart meters in our homes. This is a great example of IoT as an energy supplier will be able to guide us to control devices in near future from our devices. It will be spread across healthcare systems, agriculture or transportation, and many other industries rapidly.

New and better things bring new challenges and are the same case for IoT. Private network will be connected to 3rd party networks means information security will play a vital role and securing all the information would be even higher on the agenda of all the businesses due to higher vulnerability of getting access to information by hackers. The capability of processing a large amount of data and upgrading infrastructure to tackle the latest challenges would give customers more confidence to share more data. A good strategy would be to invest in Firewall and other networking devices like Rackmount servers etc.

Pondesk brings you the solution for this and has many devices which will provide safeguarding to the data. The Firewalls, servers and other devices are compatible with most of the firewall software like MikrotiK, pfSense, Sophos, Untangle, Ubuntu, ClearOS, FreeBSD, Monowall, Debian, Endian, Smothwall UTM, OpenBSD, Zeroshell, MikroTik, Zentyal, OpenWRT and VyOS etc. PONDESK server NSHO-004 is powered by the Intel® Atom™  Highly reliable 1U network appliance comes with six Gigabit LAN ports and four 10 Gig SFP+ fiber ports for high bandwidth and long-distance communications. It is equipped with one pair latch-type LAN Bypass function for fail-over option as well
as featuring BIOS console redirection.
The network communication appliance also features Intel® QuickAssist Technology to accelerates data processing and compresses cryptographic workloads and Intel® Data Plane Development Kit, which greatly boosts packet processing performance and throughput to improve data plane performance.
This server comes with four DDR4 R-DIMM/U-DIMM memory sockets that can provide system memory of up to 128GB and support both ECC and non-ECC memory types. Support three storage drives including two 2.5″ SATA SSD/HDD and one mSATA for sufficient storage. I/O options also include two USB 2.0 ports, RJ45 serial console port and VGA display (support one module VGA/WiFi/4G at a time).
Also supports wireless networks of 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi, 3G/4G LTE WWAN networks via mini PCIe express slot (support one module VGA/WiFi/4G at a time). I/O options include two USB 2.0 ports, a serial console port, power & reset switches and VGA display port features Intel® HD Graphics 510.
Suitable for VPN, DNS Server, DHCP Server, network bandwidth controller, firewall and UTM applications to deliver a high throughput, reliable operation, high performance and wide array of network applications, VMware ESXi firewall and gateways like, pfSense, Sophos, Untangle, Linux, Unix, and Windows® Server etc.
Fast, reliable, energy efficient 24W (idle) low power consumption rackmount network security solution. A perfect multi-purpose embedded appliance.

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