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NSHO-001-470-1.jpgBuying computer systems that should last longer is the basic principle of any business. Businesses cannot afford to spend money on computer systems and server hardware infrastructure every year or every other year, especially for small and medium-size businesses.

What are the fundamental features of small or medium size business that should be considered if they want to invest in computer servers which should last longer especially when there are so many options to choose from? Having many options to choose from makes any business owner nervous about buying from such a wide range of choices!!

The PONDESK 1U rackmount security gateway appliance can be configured as a firewall, LAN or WAN router, VPN, DNS Server, DHCP Server to deliver a high throughput, reliable operation, high performance and wide array of network applications including UTM, VPN, VMware ESXi firewall and gateways like, pfSense, Sophos, Untangle,  ClearOS, Monowall, Linux, Unix and Windows® Server etc.

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We recommend you to buy servers which have got key features like below:

  • Integrated 2 Group Bypass  Which will allow the two networks (1 to 2 and 3 to 4 LAN) to provide an alternative route in power failure or crash. When bypass enables then traffic passes if its disable then nothing passed.
  • Support Windows/Windows Server/Linux/Unix/Firewalls and MikroTik RouterOS etc.
  • Ready for IoT – Simply Connected Using WiFi/4G LTE via Mini PCIe
  • No less than 4GB of memory
  • Another important feature is Intel® AES-NI and Secure Key which are designed for servers

Pondesk offer rackmount server  NSHO-001, NSHO-004, NSHO-002, MNHO-028


If I am the business owner, I would definitely ask why I should not follow the current trend of cloud computing for my business.  We would say there are enough reasons not to go after cloud computing because:

  • The server would be based on the size of your organization whereas cloud computing does not consider the size of your business.
  • You will control the updates and maintenance of the server
  • The on-site performance will never be matched by the cloud.
  • Easy to identify the problem if a server is on-site but it won’t the case for cloud servers.
  • The most important advantage will be the security of your own data as no third party will have access to your data.

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Network Security !!

Computer or Network security is a hardly unknown word to most of us when we are surrounded by news about breaches made by cybercriminals. Such attacks are not just restricted to your home or small to medium organizations but the scale has gone up to the country level. Recent allegations made by media where Russia interfered US presidential elections. Misuse or manipulations caused by these attacks make us nervous about securing our own personal identity or confidential business data getting exposed in the open world.

      Network security helps to prevent such instances as it helps to develop the process of taking all measures to protect the network from unauthorized access. Having a fully secure network gives users, computer and programmes to perform at their best without worrying about any breach.

The business carries a higher risk to protect client data, protecting computers from any spyware, keeping shared data secure, quality for incoming and outgoing traffic without implementing best solution to secure their network given the higher risk of getting exposed to the criminals.

PONDESK introduced many devices to overcome these issues. If these devices are used as a firewall then it will help to prevent unusual traffic from accessing or modifying valuable business data and information. The firewall will prevent harmful access to computer data and programmes and will prevent unauthorized access and hacking.

Their mini industrial computer is armed with quad-core Intel Celeron J9100 processor up to 2.42 GHz which has integrated 2 Group BYPASS that allows the two networks (1 to 2 and 3 to 4 LAN) to provide alternative route in power failure or crash. When bypass enables then traffic passes if its disable then nothing passed. Fully fanless aluminum alloy helps to cool the internal parts. A small but powerful instrument with two gigabyte Ethernet and four serial ports helps for high bandwidth and number of fast communication jobs. Suitable for VPN, DNS Server, DHCP Server, network bandwidth controller, firewall and UTM applications to deliver a high throughput, reliable operation, high performance and wide array of network applications, network servers, Linux, Unix, Windows, firewall (either open-source or commercial) and gateways; MikrotiK, pfSense, Sophos, Untangle, Ubuntu, ClearOS, FreeBSD, Monowall, Debian, Endian, Smothwall UTM, OpenBSD, Zeroshell, MikroTik, Zentyal, OpenWRT and VyOS etc.

Hence, with Pondesk devices, you can use most of the firewall software and there won’t be a need of purchasing another device for different firewalls. This added benefit makes it economical on your pocket!!





Role of Firewall Technology in today’s world!!!


With growing trends of using devices like computers, laptops, mobile, and cloud computing challenges to secure data in the organizations have become even more challenging than ever. Existing network securities no longer considered to provide 100% protection and organizations have shown huge interest to look into the latest firewall securities and technology.

Market research and consulting companies suggest that the firewall industry will grow from $6 billion to $8 billion by 2019. USA is leading the world in progressing the change in getting the latest firewall technology into their network and it is expected that the world will follow them.

Firewall helps to protect your network resources, validate all incoming and outgoing access, manage & control network traffic, record & report key events and finally stand firm between your system and outside the world.

PONDESK PICO PC 4 LAN fanless firewall router MNHO-035 security gateway appliance is equipped with the dual-core Intel® Celeron® 3215U processor up to 1.70 GHz to take on a number of networking and communication tasks. Small network appliance with 4x Intel® I211-AT gigabit Ethernet and DB9 RS-232 COM for high bandwidth and fast communications.

Completely fanless, aluminum alloy, compact size, durable and dustproof structure provides universal performance for small and medium-sized business networks, offices, Internet service providers, MSP/MSSP etc.


PONDESK support  to secure data with different firewalls devices such as MNHO-043, MNHO-048, MNHO-073, MNHO-035, MNHO-028 etc. which work perfectly with most of the firewalls (either open-source or commercial), and gateways; pfSense, Sophos, Untangle, Ubuntu, ClearOS, FreeBSD, Monowall, Debian, Endian, Smothwall UTM, OpenBSD and Zeroshell etc.



Secure the data with latest firewall


Protecting the network should be on top of the agenda of any small and medium business organizations. Advance security service becomes an absolute necessity to prevent new methods of cyber attacks and intrusion into your network system. Firewall is designed to serve the same purpose in today’s growing cyber industry. PONDESK is there to help you secure your data and have devices such as MNHO-073, MNHO-043, NSHO-002, NSHO-001  NSHO-004 etc which can be configured as a Firewall, LAN/WAN Router, VPN, DNS Server, DHCP Server etc. These can be used anywhere in your offices, schools, home, business organizations, workshops stations, and industries. Pondesk hardware is perfect for Security gateway, VPN, and Firewall such as pfSense, Untangle, Sophos, Debian, Smoothwall, ClearOS, m0n0wall etc.

Small and medium organizations store confidential data on their servers and intruders always look for loopholes in their network to gain access to sensitive data. Risks have increased significantly since the arrival of the Cloud technology. Use of latest firewall system can prevent the loss of priceless and sensitive information stored on your server.

Protect the computer via connecting with network security firewall and stop intruders from accessing your business data and information.


The importance of Network Security Firewalls


The ability to protect systems increases the demand for advanced security services is necessary with the ability to assess the risk of cyber-attacks. The breaches of cybersecurity may need to adopt new methods to prevent any intrusions.With the increasing number demand for advanced security to protect networks against any attacks the ability to have a great firewall is necessary




This stems from the growing web applications that may be linked to the server and the confidential data that is also stored on the server the point to access needs to be secured for any intruders trying to penetrate the network and gain access to this data. the adoption of network security firewalls for cloud technology is also fuelling the growth of network security firewalls market.

The SME, Charities and other organisations must protect their access point even regarding connection with IoT device that does lack security in their design. That is the reason network security firewalls are needed to protect the internet and the internal network to protect organisations from suffering serious consequences with data and information. The network can be secured with the help of a firewall securing data pathway preventing unauthorised access.

The many privileges of security management services are primarily to protect data and secure the perimeter with many devices added to the network and many potential exposures creating better solutions for businesses.

Networking Security Firewalls can be segmented with many being proficient in cloud computing, on-premise, signal firewalls and SMS firewalls. The necessary use of these firewalls indicated the ability to serve and protect our networks

5 steps to Securing Your IoT Devices


The issue is that the lack of security within the IoT realm is an issue and everyone knows these problems are down to poorly secured IoT devices.  The ability to enter an access point will leave users in a vulnerable state regardless whether they protect themselves against cyber crimes they will fall victim to pray.  The need for users to secure the perimeter of their security base in accordance to protecting themselves is important and ,anyone poses a cyber threat.  These steps provide you with a chance to secure your IoT device.

Step 1- avoid connection to your devices directly to the internet rather be safe and use a firewall. There are key issues with this when users choose to keep their firewall in front. The issue is most IoT products are not designed to have security in mind and these device over a public internet base could cause users vulnerable attack and cause issues that may be detrimental to your network gaining access to personal information keep your IoT devices behind the firewall as best you can


Step 2- Use complex password that will leave you in a secure position this is very important to create something that is not memorable. Keep these passwords secure and in a safe place always.

Step 3- Updated your firmware make sure that the hardware is updated often, and your security updates are frequent. In regards, to your firewall make sure your firmware is updated contact your O/S for any updates.

Step-4 The issue for IoT devices is Peer to Peer (P2P) capability either installs on their device or maybe build in this aspect will be problematic for your security and research shown that they can be reachable even through a firewall remotely over the Internet because they’re configured to continuously find ways to connect to a global, shared network so that people can access them remotely in the long term please bare this in mind and find solutions that can combat this problem and issues.


Step 5- The cost of IoT device various but depend on the purpose may vary but, one thing take note of the cheaper product might not be better and the correlation between price and security, has shown that devices that tend to be towards lower range are most likely to be the most accessible to cyber criminals and some device might have malicious ware already contained on the device. The vendors for these affordable devices might lack on the support and updates for firmware of these devices.


The conclusion to this article shell demonstrate the various steps to protect yourself whatever device you use in the Internet of Things.


Why are changes being made to combat cyber-security?


With cybercrime being a very common problem these days in a network aspect the elasticity of protecting your networks personal details are vital and persons attached to that network can be very vulnerable to any crime. The ability for any criminal to penetrate the network and gain access to data is very likely when there is no firewall and security encryption. The firewall serves as a protective system that the intermediate between the computers network and the internet. The firewall serves the purpose of analyzing data entering and exiting the network based on the configurations made for the network. The choices between firewalls that are hardware and software is important, but the ideal firewall should consist of both. The firewall provides also a secured private network through secure authentication.


The purpose of our hardware firewall is to serve the purpose for our customers as a multifunctional device with the ability to become customizable and bespoke. The benefit of having a hardware device is there is little, or no configuration needed, and they can protect every machine within the network. Our device has a minimum of four network ports to connect to other computers and we have different firewall solutions for larger networks and business available. As mentioned before there is a little, or no configuration needed and adjusting a few settings will have it working. The flexibility to have a hardware firewall will allow consumers the ability to do very little configurations to enable them. The device serving the capacity to protect networks from any cybersecurity issue. One thing for consumers to bear in mind when purchasing a firewall device, the ability to have advancement encryption standard in any firewalls they purchase is a necessity this technology allows the encryption of data.

The issue with just software-based firewalls is the efficiency to sustain a network where the hardware solution is a safer option. Hardware firewalls are directly behind a router, the security of every single packet being passed through your firewall before landing within your internal drives. Our firewalls focus on “intelligent’ functions which analyzing the dataset is important this will prevent any cyber-attacks and monitor for any irregular activities that can cause malicious attacks on your network. The ability to have a hardware firewall running for days will provide instant protection for your network. Any of our hardware firewalls can be compatible with both Windows and Linux etc.  The hardware can also be configured as a firewall either open-source or commercial software for example; pfSense, Sophos, Untangle, Ubuntu, ClearOS, FreeBSD, Monowall, Debian, Endian, Smothwall UTM, OpenBSD, Zeroshell, Zentyal, OpenWRT and VyOS etc.