The next generation firewalls- Still have the power to protect the world


With the next generation firewalls vendors selection, throughput capacity and features configuration are just some of the items to resolve when refreshing your firewalls.

Firewalls have become ubiquitous across many businesses and enterprises over the past decade, but the combination of new and varied access methods combined with increasingly sophisticated attacks has forced network operators and security professionals to constantly evaluate their defences. Your business firewall is most likely to have a five-year refresh cycle according to garner.


Intel-3855U-6-LAN-1-COM-WiFi-4G-Firewall-1U-Rackmount-Server_NSHO-002 (1).jpg

” according to a Palo Alto Networks whitepaper. “They can see the general shape of things, but not the finer details of what’s actually happening.” NGFWs are packed with a multitude of new features and functionality allowing them to inspect traffic at a much finer level. Some features include.

-Intrusion prevention systems (IPS): These systems inspect network packet signatures and use advanced anomaly detection features to not only identify but also to block threats.

-Deep packet inspection (DPI): This technology goes beyond just the inspection of packet headers to search for and block known threats within traffic packets as they pass through an “inspection point” within the NGFW.

This computer is completely quiet than a mouse


The Pondesk MNHO-80 series is a silent desktop computer that you would not here decibel-wise.  The aluminium might help with the fanless technology that keeps the device silent eliminate noise, you have to get rid of fanless and use passive cooling.


The aluminium chassis designed to hold an AS rock motherboard. The top and side walls are essentially huge extruded heat sinks designed to efficiently carry heat away from inside the case. The heat is extracted and channelled away to the side panels via heat sinks embedded with sealed copper tubing filled.



Every part, from the motherboard onwards, needs to be selected to fit within the mechanical and thermal constraints of the enclosure. Using an upgrade kit available as an enclosure.  The heat sink exchange for the fan cooling. A fanless power supply, selected for its power capacity as well as high-efficiency even under low loads, keeps the computer humming quietly, figuratively.

Why is fanless PC worth it ?


The innovation of the PC market has devoted itself to making affordable pc, though that wasn’t actually the goal. The focus on slimline laptops and tablets, but these have huge problems dissipating heat. Intel chips are gradually reducing the watt voltage which won’t get hot, they have less need for fans.

There are some drawbacks when processors heat up that is why custom made heat sinks are important to dissipate heat. The standard fanless pc is fine for intermittent uses such as word processing and web browsing. as video editing and gaming, and they could struggle with audio mixing and graphic design. if they do not have a heat sync that is specifically designed to cope with the majority of the workload issues this will be problems faced in the long run.


A powerful desktop PC may have three or more fans. The CPU and power supply will have their own fans, and so will fast graphics cards with GPUs (graphics processing units). Sometimes, separate case fans will circulate air to keep disk drives and other parts reasonably cool.

Of course, thin laptops and tablets run from batteries, so they don’t need internal power supplies. Nor do they have separate graphics cards: they usually have GPUs integrated with the processor, as in “Intel Integrated Graphics”.


Building quiet PC’s is a craft that involved specialised components that cooperate with each other. fanless power supplies and liquid cooling added damping for rotating drives and paying attention to the airflow through the case with custom build heatsinks that can radiate enough heat to stay within the TDP limits.

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Firewall rules to reduce complexity FIREWALL RULES TO REDUCE COMPLEXITY



The firewall rules are usually to the bottom of the security “to-do” list is finally firewall rule clean-up.  Managing next-generation architecture and combating sophisticated cybercriminals’ easy to understand how security teams have come to view firewall management as a trivial chore. But, it’s a critical one.


Firewalls are beneficial to control access and enhance security. At the core of each firewall is a policy made up of rules designed to enforce what access is permitted. The risk profiling helps protect the network and keeps the network users safe.  The firewall management is an important cause each firewall is configured correctly.

with several firewall rules growing exponentially threats are being occurred within the network thanks to continuously evolving threats, compliance regulations and advanced technologies. poor firewall hygiene can quickly lead to a chaotic mess of rules that are outdated, unused, redundant or out-of-compliance.



The issue preserves and also make sure the firmware meets the updated requirements and make sure your firewall and serve the number of clients without any issues. Understanding the threats that could exert itself in the network

The emerging need for fanless devices


The emerging market for fanless devices has risen over the last few years. The device has risen 5.12% during the period 2017-2021. The fanless PC has eliminated the stamina of having conventional PC. They can be used for multiple purposes military, defence, a medical field and industrial capacity. The need to fanless PCs arises in certain applications where it is necessary to reduce the noise from PCs. This is achieved by using components that consume less power and by using fewer moving parts in the system.


Pondesk has developed the desktop computer that is superior and completely silent.  The average desktop will have several fans whirring inside – cooling the CPU, GPU and probably one more for enclosure circulation – all of which end up making quite a racket, decibel-wise. The liquid cooling might help make it very quieter, but the pump will make the source of a noise. To eliminate noise, you must reduce the number of parts and use passive cooling.


We build a standoff the shelf parts and unique cooling systems. Knowing what goes inside such a build, the decisions required while choosing the parts. The custom a heat sink design to help absorb heat channelled away heatsinks embedded with sealed custom copper tubing.  This not only lets him narrow down his choice of motherboards but also provides enough overhead for future upgrades.


The GPU gets a similar heat extractor kit in exchange for the fan cooling assembly. A fanless power supply, selected for its power capacity as well as high-efficiency even under low loads, keeps the computer humming quietly, figuratively. The quite improvement and efficiency is important within a fanless device.

The advantage of Fanless Computer’s + Product launch of our MNHO-080s Series


The major discussion between devices with fans and fanless devices have always been a key topic with modern technology. This poses the question of does fanless computer have the capacity to withstand any heat generated by computer components and can cool the unit down?

As most will know the electronic components of a computer run on electrical impulse which will generate heat in the long run once a computer maybe overused. This is the reason for a fan to create cool air for the components to function without having any friction. A fans purpose is to remove generated heat from the computer unit. Their normal fans with power supplies and fans to cool the central processing unit. Depending on the type of computer unit you may have there might be several fans within your unit. Despite the popularity of using fans, there are quite a few disadvantages which are not sustainable for the life cycle of the computer unit. With modern advances in technology, the development of fanless has made it easier for many commercial and industrial industries to preserve the length of the machines they use with also being very quiet, clean, reliable and flexible as to their location.



The benefit of a fanless device most of them are completely silent and the device eliminates noise. Creating a PC that is silent has a huge benefit for different work environments such as libraries, work offices, medical centre etc. The issue with computer units that contain fans especially multiple fans. Over a period, the fan will become noisier due to dirt and debris that will get stuck in the fan which will stop the cooling process and create corrosion with the electrical components. This will also produce mechanical failure within a period. The fan puts the health of the computer at risk with rising temperatures may shut itself down unexpectedly when electronic components may overheat and become permanent damage when fan’s stop working or reduction in function.

Fanless computers are flexible for any location especially for an industrial and medical field which has hazardous air that fan’s suck contaminated air into the machine or blow out which could be harmful to users.

The fanless device could function outdoor space within rain or snow could tolerate the exposure. As mentioned Medical computers used in operating rooms are usually fanless computers because fans threaten the sterility of the operating room.

Firewall: Serves as a Better Defense for Your Business


The issues with firewalls have been critical of securing data and maintaining shortcomings, Firewall as a service just may be a better way to safeguard company data.

The issue with a business that finding various consequences of having weak and vulnerable security system catastrophic, creating robust change functional firewall to prevent any data breaches. However, the added complexity of managing multiple firewalls can be overwhelming an already overburdened IT team which others might relate to cloud as a service a better option and that may be true in some cases. The issue to fix any problem with cloud capabilities are intangible.


The best functionality comes from firewall hardware that is available to your business at disposal. The only issue is with firewalls that are not configured pIntel-3855U-6-LAN-1-COM-WiFi-4G-Firewall-1U-Rackmount-Server_NSHO-002roperly may be a common thread and finding a firewall that supports different O/S which is compatible with integration within the business networks.


With an unprecedented rise in cybercrimes over the past decade, the significance of deploying firewalls to safeguard is very important. Encompassing a range of applications in the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI), Government, Healthcare, Education, Retail and Manufacturing sectors, the firewall-as-a-service market has its task cut out for it.

The importance of creating layered security including firewalls


The major firewalls and other defences aimed at keeping cybercriminals away from penetrating into the ecosystem. As important but what is more prevalent the most skilled organisation is now doing tested within their own network to keep hackers from gaining access to the network. With creating multi-layered security using different encryption techniques and different layers of firewalls.

The process of monitoring the different behaviours with traffic is important to identify which of the data uses irregular patterns. who said the most skilled organizations now recognize penetrations will occur and they must also be prepared to stop hackers once they are passed through the firewall using layered technology


Bill Johnson, VP of Sentry Cyber Security at Fiserv, explained that many large companies today know hackers will penetrate their systems—a situation that challenges the futures of many small credit unions.

“In my opinion, endpoint protection, such as legacy antivirus software, is no longer adequate. We have to get to the point where we are also assessing behaviour and behaviour patterns, and then quickly react and prevent a fraud attempt based on these analyses,” said Johnson. “The best thing a bank or credit union can do is get into a next-generation solution that is looking at behaviours and blocking suspicious activities.”


The importance of having a layered network even from an expert’s point of view where Johnson acknowledged that over the last few years just using antivirus software is not sustainable or adequate for long-term use especially using this within a network capability. Johnson has stated that firewall layers, endpoint protection and firewall monitoring are still important, he also said more needs to be done.

“Anymore it’s a given that unwanted people are inside your environment, and as I said, it’s now about preventing them from getting the information they’re after,” Johnson said. “This goes beyond the financial services sector. There are a lot of organizations, even government entities, that now don’t focus as much on attempting to keep crooks out of their network. They pay a great deal of attention to monitoring the data that’s flowing out of their networks.”

Johnson said these organizations are watching their data for processes or a series of actions that are anomalous in some way.

“For example, it would not be uncommon for you to open your Windows File Explorer and do some file clean-up. But if another process on your system does that, Notepad, for example, and enumerates your file system, elevates privileges, deletes some backup files and now says, ‘I will encrypt some files’…I can look at that series of behaviours and say this does not smell right. This looks like ransomware and I am going to prevent it.”

The importance of protecting your network comes at a higher price for both solution and monitoring activity but the cost of saving you a lot of hassle and penalties will be beneficial in the long run. Many places in rural towns that deal with money will have issues such as credit unions, western unions, building societies and local banks might face big issues due to a lack of security. With the new GDPR rules and regulations, companies have obligations to protect both customers and staff from being cyber targets please invest firewall security.

Protect your network or else?



The issues with the botnet that infect poor IoT protection have been talked about in our previous articles. The issue with users is they do not take the basic steps to secure their devices on the network with even a firewall and also creating different layers that will help to assess clean traffic. Mirai was one of the botnets that scared different organisations into submissions with the havoc that it causes by hijacking, these devices used to mount some of the biggest distributed denials of service attacks.


This has shown both vendors and users of products the hazardous elements that can occur when no preparation is taken. With the GDPR around the corner company’s are looking to in force different stringent policies to protect their networks with both IoT devices and others. Measures need to be put in place for better protection or else the government will enforce heavy fines


When you’re going up against expert hackers, you can’t partner with amateurs or you risk paying the price. You need to secure device with firewalls to protect your network and layered security. As pondesk we recommend you look at our selection of devices and choose an appropriate device to suit your business needs.

How do you secure your network when connecting to the internet?

Security, security, security is an important topic when looking at data and applications secure when they’re connected to the internet. When analysing connection this important to take note of any issues or vulnerabilities.  The next generation firewalls help secure the wide area network using firewalls each branch or backhauling branch traffic to a datacentre and use firewalls there to protect the traffic.


If we think about the firewall as a box that sits somewhere, that box defines the perimeter. But what if the perimeter was defined by a firewall that is everywhere? This is the notion of Firewall as a Service (FWaaS).”


Having the ability of security is important as the connectivity itself is ubiquitous for any connection points within a network to connect to the internet. Other experts such as recommend this  “Networks that are secured from inception is the name of the game,” says Dyson.


The importance of security in hardware firewall or next-generation firewall should not be an afterthought or just an add-on feature this is very important to identify key threats to create solutions and configure and update procedures within a network.


“You need to be able to provide full security on all connected devices, fast access to data, and 24/7 connectivity,” says Dell EMC’sWhile it’s still relatively early days for software-defined networks. The ability to assessing the best outcome for your business is needed from Identifying clear network decisions to accessibility. Some may argue that hardware solutions are still the best also to have as hardware standalone firewall within your network to create an extra layer of security.