I have found this website through some Google Searching – I was looking for a good device that would work as my internet router using pfsense ( Open Source Software ).  I could not find anything that would tick all the boxes – powerful, small and quiet.  I have then found pondesk and decided to speak to one of the advisors using their great Live Chat feature – they gave me a suggestion which was the perfect device for my needs.  They even pre-installed the software on my device!  So when I got it home it was all up and running – I just needed to configure it to my needs.  I then contacted them once again regarding future updates and they were extremely helpful explaining that they will keep all customers updated regarding future firmware updates.

I can highly recommend PONDESK’s high quality products and superb customer service.

“Tomasz Nowicki” from Photom

The device (a PicoPC with an Intel i7-7700T processor @ 2.9 GHz and 16 GBytes of DDR4 memory) was used to upgrade a financial trading desk connected to the Internet.  It took a little while to get is working properly with the legacy disk-drive (with Linux Mint 17.3) but after a bit of upgrading of the kernel and getting the operating system up to Linux Mint 18.1 or so standards, it fired up fine.

It talks to two large legacy CRT monitors.  One directly via the VGA port, the other via a Belkin HDMI to VGA converter.

Computation speed wise it is just slightly less faster than an Intel i7-4790 @ 3.6 GHz; however, it only uses a fraction of the power and is essentially silent. It is also very much smaller.  I am very happy with its performance, especially for the price. 🙂

We intend to continue purchasing from PONDESK.

“Richard A. Marschall, Ph.D” from Engineering
Marschall Acoustics Instruments P/L